about 1834
- 4 Oct 1875
   14 Aug 1843
- 4 Dec 1935
   31 Mar 1850
- 14 Dec 1919
Maxime Noe
   20 Jun 1876
- 23 Jun 1932
Edith Agnes
   12 Jun 1882
- 28 Jan 1954
Paternal Ancestry Maternal Ancestry

1901 Wilfred Edouard Sarazin
1902 Euclide Armand Sarazin
1907 Cherie Lena Sarazin
1913 Camille Lionel Sarazin
1920 Agnes Henriette Sarazin
Dorily Philip Sarazin
  • Birth: 30 Dec 1905 North Attleboro, MA, USA
  • Christening: 31 Dec 1905 Sacred Heart Church, North Attleboro, MA, USA
  • Marriage: 16 Aug 1927 Sacred Heart Church, North Attleboro, MA, USA to Doris Alice DeBlois
  • Marriage: 1980  to Mary Jane Groulx
  • Death: 22 Oct 1981 Pawtucket, RI
  • Burial:  St. Mary's Cemetery, North Attleboro, MA, USA

  • Dorily Philip Sarazin known as Duke or Do, was born 30 Dec 1905 at 90 Spruce St. in North Attleboro MA to Maxime Noah Sarazin and Edith A. Pepin. He was baptised the very next day 31 Dec 1905 at Sacred Heart Church, N. Attleboro, MA.

    He married Doris Alice DeBlois, on August 16, 1927 at Sacred Heart Church.

    He was a textile printer and farmer.

    He lived on and operated 6 1/2 acres of farm property on Mount Hope Street in North Attleboro until his death in 1981. Much of his farm equipment he built himself.

    Also a boat builder, he built seven boats by hand, including a scalloping boat, a 16' bass boat, and a 16' Petrel sailboat for which he was notably published in the April 1963 issue of Science and Mechanics Magazine.

    He also purchased property in Eastham, MA in the 1950's where he built a summer cottage which displayed a sign hanging from a tree in front yard that read "The Tired Farmer".

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